Audi A6L


Model:Audi A6(5 seats)

Monthly Rental: A6/A6L
--RMB10000(A6) / consult(A6L)     (1 year lease,includes driver)
--RMB7500(A6) / consult(A6L)       (1 year lease,without driver)

--RMB9500(A6) / consult(A6L)      (2 year lease,includes driver)
--RMB7000(A6) / consult(A6L)       (2 year lease,without driver)

Rental includes:
--whole set of vehicle insurance
--city road construction tax
--regular maintenance and repair
--monthly rental tax invoice
--driver salary
--overnight parking at driver's home
--all relevant vehicle tax paid to government

Surcharge for the hirer:
--parking(if any)
--toll fee(if leave/enter shanghai)
--driver OT(if any)

Driver standard working time:
9.5 hours/day,5 days/week.
(driver working time table is flexible and can be adjusted or customized by the hirer)


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